Below are a few testimonials from readers of the Traders’ Bulletin


“For the record, at the end of 2008 and early 2009 you were the only person making useful suggestions…Fundamental Analysts adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach and stopped recommending anything. Technical Analysts said the Trend will continue until it Stops. Further falls were possible. So where was the encouragement to buy anything when your portfolio had been decimated? (Your) suggestions helped a lot and were accurate too. Two got taken over. Others just kept going up for the next 10 years…”

Adrian, Bath, England

It was very useful and I read it every day and used the triggers on my SIPP dashboard to alert me to specific stocks as well as keep me in touch professionally.”

Geoff, Plymouth, England

Thank you for all the comments and thoughts over the years. These have been incorporated into our Share Club thoughts and deals for which we are very grateful.”

Peter, Hampshire, England

“Over the years we have regularly tapped Bill’s analysis to get a better understanding of how Sterling has been behaving. His insights have proven invaluable in providing insights into both historical moves, and importantly, potential future moves.”

Gary Howes, Editor, Pound Sterling Live

“Bill’s technical analysis benefits from thorough analysis and diligent research. I was lucky enough to work closely with Bill through a period in global finance which, when the definitive history of the period is written, will likely conclude it as the most extraordinary period in history, let alone financial market history. Bill’s talent for identifying trends in stock, sector and markets, in often challenging conditions, will help everybody interested in financial assets successfully to navigate their way through the labyrinthine complexities associated with investment”

Prof. Jeremy Batstone-Carr, formerly head of research, Charles Stanley Wealth Managers

“At Thomson Reuters, we used to wonder if Bill had a Crystal Ball. His predictions on European companies and major stock indices were often shockingly accurate. His deep understanding of technicals and the ability to use several complex charting methods to forecast prices & levels differentiates him from the crowd.”

Atul Prakash, former European Financial Markets Correspondent at Thomson Reuters in London