Research Products


The Technical Trader offers three research products:


1. Daily Technical Commentary

The daily Technical Trader (formerly known as The Traders’ Bulletin) covers individual stocks within the UK equity market. The newsletter focuses on companies that have experienced significant share price movements which have altered the chart outlook in some way. What we are looking for are key turning points – breaches of short or long-term trends, reactions to support or resistance, sudden spikes in volumes, and developments of patterns (e.g. head and shoulders, double-tops and bottoms etc). Charts will generally use Japanese candlesticks & key moving averages, as well as volume and momentum indicators.  The newsletter is published each weekday morning before the market open in London.

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2. Monthly Global Overview

The Global Overview is published at the beginning of each month and consists of a technical commentary on international financial markets. This generally includes the following:

  • Leading equity indices (e.g. FTSE-100, S&P 500, Nikkei 225, STOXX 600)
  • Commodity markets, which might include coverage of Oil, Gold, Copper & Iron ore.
  • Currencies, including analysis of the Dollar Index (DXY), the Euro, Sterling and Japanese yen
  • Government bonds, with a focus on the US, UK, Japan and the euro-zone.

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3. “Chart Chat”

This is a service for investors who would like a more personalized service. Each Wednesday afternoon users are invited to request a technical commentary on a chart of their choosing. Simply email The Technical Trader with the asset of choice (stocks, indices, commodities, currencies & bonds welcome) and get a response the same day.

For now, Chart Chat will be included as a no-cost option for subscribers to the daily Technical Trader. 

Institutional & professional users are invited to contact me directly for subscription rates via the Contact form